Adventures at SpaceX in South Texas

Adventures at SpaceX in South Texas

I continue to love the ever growing cities in the Rio Grande Valley and all it has to offer. It receives recognition for its amazing events, celebrity guests, food and influence only to prove its a great place to visit. South Padre is one of the popular beach sites, but did you know one of the cool things you will be able to find is none other than Elon Musk’s SpaceX launch site? seriously how cool is that?!

The SpaceX Boca Chica launch site, just across the bay from South Padre Island, is a production facility where they test the innovative rockets. The location is secluded given that they actually launch rockets, but you’ll be able to find it and can find more information from the SpaceX website. We did not get to witness any launch but after one of their successful prototypes we were excited to pay a visit on one of our days off.

You are able to watch from a distance when a launch will happen, updates have been posted on Twitter and the South Padre website so you can plan your next visit. What better way to witness history being made! We enjoyed taking photos and meeting people who travelled from other states just to see the prototypes and work being done around the site. I think I Along the lines since it is in a secluded area nearby South Padre Island, you are able to find the beach by your side. We enjoyed a quick walk on the sand and some photos before hitting the road again.

Map of where SpaceX Boca Chica Launch Facility is located:

P.S. There has been raised concern of SpaceX debris being scattered around and gentrification by some in the city of Brownsville. I do recommend you research for these topics and how important they are to the community and wildlife.

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