Adventures at Stonehenge in Texas

Adventures at Stonehenge in Texas

You don’t have to travel across the world to be able to enjoy this fun tourist site! Located outside of San Antonio in a Texas Hill Country called Ingram, you’ll be able to find this wonderful replica.

The only sad truth is that these were not created mysteriously by aliens and we did not get to encounter any UFO’s during our visit. I do also recommend you visit during the summer to see some greenery and have really great lighting for your instagram pictures. When we visited over the winter we had to bundle up and sacrifice a few layers for some good photos, plus the trees didn’t have leaves and there was no grass!

More to Know

A popular and wonderful stopping point if you ever visit Texas. Stonehenge II is open to the public and offers free admission, you can also rent out for weddings or parties! Although small, Stonehenge II offers seating areas where you can enjoy a lovely picnic. Nearby you can explore the history of the Texas Hill Country Arts, shop for souvenirs, take a quick restroom break and even grab a snack! Because Stonehenge is an outdoor landmark it is pet friendly, however, The Texas Hill Country Arts Foundation asks that they remain on leashes and to please clean up after your furry family member.

A Brief History

There may not be a big mystery as to how Stonehenge II was created but there sure is a story as to who created the small replicas. Al Sheppard created Stonehenge II as an art project almost 20 years ago in Hunt, TX. Taking almost a year to build the 2/3 size of the original art project, he also added two 13 foot Easter Island Head replicas. After selling his land in Hunt, Stonehenge II needed a new home. The Hill Country Arts Foundation started a campaign to save the Texas landmark and allow relocation in Ingram, TX. By 2010 the stones and statues were moved to their new home and final resting place beside the Hill Country Arts Foundation Point Theater.

Everything may be bigger in Texas but so are the possibilities of exploration. Who knew you could find such a mystical landmark? Now that you know, will you be visiting Ingram in hopes of encountering the unknown at Stonehenge II?

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