Blackwater Falls State Park

Blackwater Falls State Park

Driving off into the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia you might find yourself at Blackwater Falls State Park. We took a two hour trip to reach the West Virginia state park and along the way we stopped by for snacks, saw some very interesting art sculptures, murals and even a long line of wind turbines. Our ears kept “popping” every time we reached a certain altitude, it was very serene and almost made me feel like I was Bella from Twilight heading into this whole new atmosphere with fog and rain. (you know, because i’m coming from Texas just as she was moving from Arizona??) Ignore me, I always try to fit something Twilight related into my stories and vocabulary.

I wish I would have taken photos with or of the sculptures and pretty little towns we would pass by on our way up the mountain. The ones I did take well… they didn’t turn out so well.

When we arrived to Blackwater Falls State Park it was a hot sunny day but the weather up there was very chilly. I’m not going to lie, I loved it with all my heart but I was shivering. I was unprepared and unaware of what we were going to do that day which is why I ended up wearing a dress for hiking. Luckily my trusty biker shorts came in handy. I also ended up buying a pretty green embroidered hoodie inside the blackwater trading co. rest stop where they also sold snacks, stickers, rocks, and other clothing items. The restrooms are very spacious and theme fitting, there was lots of seating area available outside with space to put your belongings or food on.

Surprisingly there is a ton of people who visit Blackwater falls from around the country, one of my favorite things to do on roadtrips is to look at license plates and what state they belong to!

We went on our journey down the trail, they have a very neat walking path made of wooden board bridges and stairs as well as viewing areas. It was so nice being in nature again, I felt I needed the time away from the city and breathe in fresh air. There’s something so peaceful about being surrounded by trees and watching a waterfall.

So here’s a little history we learned from our trip to Blackwater Falls State Park. The 57 foot cascade is tinted by tannic acid of fallen hemlock and red spruce needles. The Blackwater river divides between the Ohio and Potomac rivers and travels north to get to the location known as Blackwater Falls. West Virginia is called Almost Heaven because of its numerous outdoor adventures and paradise-like landscape. You’ll be able to find many forests, rivers, valleys, farmland and mountains. Speaking of which, Blackwater river connects to the Dry Fork River, Hendricks river, Ohio river, Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico to give you an idea.

I loved Blackwater Falls State Park and will some day visit again to enjoy a train ride and even skiing in the winter.

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