Dinos & Dragons in McAllen, TX

Dinos & Dragons in McAllen, TX

 This month of May we decided to do a little dinosaur theme in honor of Jurassic World coming out as well as a little education purpose trip to Dinos and Dragons Adventure Park at the McAllen Convention Center! To tie along to this educational (and very Instagram-able) event I had taken a Paleontology course this past semester so I thought it would fit perfectly to recognize what I had learned and being a Jurassic Park fan there was no way I would miss it this year.

While I was editing this photo I couldn’t stop laughing at the guys in the background with the shocked faces.

McAllen, Texas always has such fun events going on and as a local, I always try to attend them. I may not be able to travel as much as I’d like to but going to these local events created by such a vibrant city is the perfect cure for FOMO. The convention center is a huge hotspot for events happening weekly if not almost daily!

Welcome to…Dinos and Dragons Adventure Park. (cue the song by John Williams)

This little adventure park circled around the whole outside of the convention, dragons and dinosaurs were spotted as promised and thankfully we did not get chased down by a carnivorous theropod. Some of these wonderful creatures were so close you could touch them, take photos and maybe even hug one? By day they were wonderful but by night you could see a different point of view to them, lights circled around each of them to illuminate their distinctive features and details.

That’s not all though, if you’re hungry for a bite or get tired of walking, McAllen has provided a food vendor section where you’ll find all types of delicious food and seating! Just don’t let a Tyrannosaurus smell it or you’ll be in trouble! The classic 1993 Jurassic Park film was shown on the outdoor screen playing the whole time all while you can sit on a bench or on the grass and enjoy. A comedian was on standby in the front of the stage, photo ops were available, trivia and even a gift shop.

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