Flying for the First Time!

Flying for the First Time!

For as long as I can remember I have always been afraid of heights. This didn’t help when we had to travel or even when I had to help out with something as simple as getting on a ladder to reach something. I’m serious, my legs would shake if I even stood on a chair! They still often do but with having to not fear in a workplace I got better at it, I have improved.

Want to know what to do or have some reassurance when you are a first time flyer? This is coming from my experience as my first time flying as an adult (my first time was when I was like 5 or something) with American Airlines and the fear of heights!

Let me begin by saying it took a lot of courage from me to actually make this step, I was so dang nervous! On my first flight to Dallas I couldn’t stop crying and holding my poor mother’s hand real tight. First time things are scary, especially if you add on a fear of something but Im here to say I feel so confident now! Maybe not to have a solo trip on my own right away but it definitely wont bother me to fly again with friends or family.

It was a smooth great couple of flights with the exception of our connecting flight from Dallas to Dulles which had turbulence and it was raining. Again, first timer here so this was new to me but overall it wasn’t too bad it was just my nerves.

American Airlines was very professional, the seats were actually great, they showed us safety protocols, on one flight the pilot even made some jokes and we all had a great time. Mid flight we got snacks and got to choose drinks but because of how nervous I had been feeling all week (and that same day) I did not have an appetite. We also had complimentary entertainment, it was very easy to connect to the wifi and I got to watch Crazy Rich Asians, Beetlejuice and In the Heights. If you know me you know Crazy rich asians is one of my all time favorite movies and I apologize to the people around me who probably heard me squealing at how precious Rachel Chu and Nick are, especially the wedding scene…..and the ending….the whole movie. I didn’t need to use it but I did try out a fun feature on the American Airlines website while in flight, Tmobile customers get 30 minutes of free wifi where you are able to send text messages and check your voicemail as well.

P.S. totally unrelated but we had a flight attendant who looked like Charles Melton and I couldn’t stop gushing lol

If you are doubting or if you are nervous, I’m here to tell you it may be scary at first but it will get better and you will get used to it! Especially if you have a connecting flight! Nevertheless this is again coming from someone who cried for an hour or two on her first flight and again probably bruised my poor mother’s hand and scared other passengers.

Here are some fun tips that may help you on your flight:

  • Use airpods, headphones or disposable ear plugs to block out the loud scary noises from your flight.
  • Connect to the in flight entertainment (this is where the airpods/headphones come in handy) and listen to some music or watch a movie/tv show.
  • Breathe, its not for a long time, you’re not the only one and you’ll have a great time wherever you’re headed!
  • Bring hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes so you can clean your area/tray or hands when you eat a snack.
  • Accept the snack and drink they offer. They had a variety from apple juice, orange juice, water, soda, sparkling water to coffee! If you don’t want it now you could want it later and its best to be prepared.
  • Bring a pillow or a cardigan for a quick nap or even to stay warm. Some of those flights get very chilly.
  • Close the window if its your first time flying, get dizzy easily or are scared of heights. I was confident enough to open it once we were up in the sky to see the clouds and the cities. I also opened it on my last flight because i felt more confident.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, I could not stress that enough.
  • Fly with a friend, loved one or family member if you can.
  • Play a game on your phone to keep you entertained.
  • Bring a Book with you to read, I swear I saw an older woman behind me read a whole book on one flight. very impressive.
  • Basically keep yourself distracted if you feel nervous.

Well, that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed my experience and some little tips I threw in if you ever wondered what it feels like to fly for the first time again or if you’ve been endlessly searching through articles everywhere on flights like I did the week before my flight. No judgment, I get it. If you have any questions that you need answered or explained further contact me through my email or send me a message on Instagram ( and give me a follow bestie 😉 ). Adventure is out there and we must explore!

Psst! Its really not so bad, trust me. You got this!

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