How I spent the weekend in Houston

How I spent the weekend in Houston

Hi friends! Another year and another road-trip, this time I went to Houston and things are looking a little different in my life.

Five hours on the road and a couple snacks later we arrive to our destination, being accompanied by my boyfriend and his friends or rather me tagging along…oh and I forgot to mention the well needed stops at Buc-ee’s. Our first stop was to check into our hotel (surprise! It was right next to the airport but we slept like babies) and although there was a mixup at first when we got to the counter they gave us cookies as we were welcomed.

Onward to the following morning we decided to grab a bite at a seafood restaurant where I had the best hibiscus tea. We didn’t have much planned for our weekend so we decided to go to Space Center Houston since most of us had not been or had not been in years.

Space Center Houston

The Houston Space Center has a huge parking lot when first entering, if you’re wondering how to pay it’s all done digitally once you leave. Upon being greeted at the gate an entrance is divided into two, a line for those who purchased tickets beforehand and a line to purchase them. I found out it was $5 cheaper to purchase tickets online than at the gate costing me around $39.95 on their web store. A tip my coworker told me after coming back from my trip is to sign up for our local museum membership and it grants us free admission to several Texas museums. Once scanned in and admitted you can stop for a photo op at the door.

You’re probably wondering what’s so great about space center Houston… it’s a popular visitor center and museum full of interactive exhibits and wonderful information. Houston is after all known as the Space City, so why not go and explore what they have to offer?

They have a food court! …and coffee! you’ll come to realize with everything they have to offer you’re going to want a little break so this was amazing. While we were there, an event was going on outdoors, our tickets included admittance to the event so we explored around a bit but found most of the activities to be focused for kids. There were lounge chairs, alcoholic beverages and a stage with performances though.

Shopping & drinks

With just about 2 hours left before the mall closed we made our way to go shop for warmer clothes since Texas had just gotten a cold front and some of us didn’t pack accordingly. We explored around and did some cardio with all the stairs we had to take as I made dinner plans with my cousin and her boyfriend.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We had almost forgotten and none of us wore green but we celebrated with live music and drinks at The Rustic.


Early the following morning I tagged along to support my boyfriend and his friends as they signed up to play for a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament. With over 500 players and several rounds later my boyfriend got his invite to Nationals! I’m so excited for him and can’t wait to go support him on our next travel!

Almeda mall was so small and strange, in an interesting location with a carnival outside and maybe 3-4 well known stores. I went to explore for a bit while my boyfriend and his friends got settled, and stopped by Bath and Body Works as well as the food court to buy us some snacks.

Ramen Tatsu-ya

I am absolutely obsessed with this place! As I got picked up by my cousin from the tournament we picked a ramen place to eat at and catch up. Neither of us had ever been here and the aesthetics were perfect for my instagram loving self. The food was phenomenal, the restroom was so nicely decorated in accordance to the main theme, the theming was very authentic and did I mention the huge cat outside!?

I dream about the edamame and ramen we ate.

Snacks and catching up

After heading to lunch we tried to find cheap parking so we could go do some Houston activities but everything was closing. We decided to head for north of Houston to visit family and catch up, I got to see cute doggos and explore the area. We mostly did drive around the whole day trying to find activities to do, to our surprise everything closed early on weekends. We even tried looking for cafes so we could get energy but after no luck we decided on just going to walk around HEB…and yes we did end up buying a lot of snacks.

Goodbye Houston

It was a great trip overall and with having no idea what to do it still turned out to be exciting. We drove so that I could get dropped off to my boyfriend and then headed to the hotel for a great nights rest.

Until next time,


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