How to Add Some “Pumpkin Spice” to your Photos

How to Add Some “Pumpkin Spice” to your Photos

Ever have a great photo but come to find there is a gigantic soul crushing gap, space or item ruining your chance of posting it on social media? Perhaps I exaggerated, but sometimes our photos lack a little spice, especially with so many content creators and influencers posting amazing and very creative photos. 

If this is how you’re feeling, fear not, you’ve come to the right blog post! If you are just looking for ways to get out of boredom during this quarantine read on as well, this has brought me out of boredom and motivated me to start posting better content!

There are so many options out there, so many apps to add effects or stickers onto your photos, but one I truly recommend for ANYONE is the app PicsArt. It is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices which is neat! By the way, in no way am I sponsored or anything, these are my views and not those of the brand/company being addressed. 

Getting Started With PicsArt Photo Editor

Once you’ve downloaded the free app PicsArt, click the + sign in the middle to pick the photo you would like to edit. Notice: You don’t have to create an account to use the app and its features. You can also sign up for the 7 Day Free Trial PicsArt Gold to use ALL features (the ones with the crown on the bottom). However, there are SO many sticker and effect options available for free I choose not to pay for PicsArt Gold.

Once you have chosen the unfiltered photo you would like to edit… your screen should look like this. You will then go to “Sticker” on the bottom right corner and click on it.

your screen will now show the daily popular stickers available. For this example, i’ll show you the stickers I used to create my pumpkin background image from this post. To do this, on the search bar I typed in “Halloween Cute” which gave me a variety of cute stickers I could use free and with PicsArt Gold. Scroll to the bottom until you find the glowing pumpkins located in the fourth row in the picture and click on it to download.

It should look something like this, I always change the opacity as well to about 80% so that it blends into the image more “naturally.” This way when you add your filter or preset it makes it look a part of the image and not stand out in a weird way. As you can see the pumpkins I have chosen are small so I added multiple and placed them on the sides and top to create a pattern. To add more of the same or different stickers, tap on the side of the image so that no stickers are selected. You will then have a new toolbar at the bottom showing the “Add Sticker” which will take you to the sticker page you left off on, making it easier to locate the same sticker you already used.

Next, let’s talk about placing the stickers. Sometimes they don’t fit with your pose or an item in the way. You can easily erase the areas you don’t need! Click on the sticker you placed you’d like to erase and go to “Erase” on the toolbar.

Then click Background if its a portrait or any of the other options such as Person if you want the image on you but not the background. After it erases the unwanted areas there may be a few spots you’ll have to go back and restore or continue to Erase. To do so click on “Erase” again and zoom in for a better view of what to remove or restore.

…annnnnd you’re done! Now add a filter or preset and you’re ready to post! Some of my other favorite stickers to search for are:

  • Vsco Background
  • Orange Aesthetic
  • Gold Stars
  • Brush Strokes
  • Flower Frame

Disclosure: Any and all opinions are my own, no compensation was received for this post. However please note that some of the links in this post may be or are affiliated links. Meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase using my link.

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