My latest struggle behind traveling

My latest struggle behind traveling

I live in a small but growing city, this makes it more common to have only connecting flights available for trips I make. My nearest airport has one-way flights but only to some common tourist places like Orlando, FL, and Mexico City. Thankfully McAllen International Airport has been adding lots of deals and updating its one-way flight list of cities to make traveling much quicker and more efficient.

I have been needing a vacation for a good while since I was struggling with so much stress on my shoulders but what I did not know is that the connecting flights I was about to take would add to this stress. We had a connecting flight from Dallas to New York City which we thought was a bit random because the last time we traveled to Washington DC we flew from Dallas to DC immediately. Regardless we were excited to stop at the Big Apple.

We flew off from our starting point in South Texas to Dallas, TX, and to be honest, it was smooth sailing. We had no problems until we flew out of DFW Airport where we encountered a delay due to weather in the New York area or so we learned from the pilot and air traffic control. All passengers waited in the airplane for about 30 or more minutes to take off. However, we weren’t the only plane to be waiting. Fast forward to us finally taking off and having thankfully no turbulence, we find ourselves arriving in New York only to encounter a problem.

As we arrive in New York we circle the area for about 2-3 hours mid-air going at different altitudes. At this point, I felt so nauseous and could probably end up telling you by memory what the land looked like from above as well as details such as houses and boats we saw. Looking out the window we discover we were not the only plane to be making circles around the area and after so many hours of flying around we finally land at the airport. Except when we land our pilot lets us know we have landed at the incorrect airport (JFK to be exact) and that we have run low on fuel and can not be flying anymore. He unfortunately was very unaware of the situation as we were, so our flight was terminated and this was our stopping point. We were given a phone number to call for American Airlines to get our connecting flight to Washinton DC. Oh no.

I called and it was the worst customer service I have ever received. I panicked. There was no one with knowledge of what was happening or what to do. My checked bags were missing, everyone just kept directing us to the phone number or service desk. There was no service desk for American airlines. After about 20 minutes of figuring things out, we find ourselves in a long line inside JFK airport, we stood there for 4 hours. We missed our flight at LaGuardia airport to obtain our connecting flight to Washington DC. I was furious, I was hungry, everyone in line was, after all, it wasn’t just our airplane but several others. We finally got some help, horrible customer service and to the lady that helped us, this is my hate letter to you because you spoke three words and I had to look everything up and do your job for you. We had our flight changed to 6 AM and I demanded a hotel and Taxi voucher as compensation.

We were only given a taxi voucher, I was done with everything and everyone and figured I could email to complain to American Airlines later once I felt better. We took it and made a trip outside to find our luggage and call a taxi. The man took an hour and a half to get us to the other airport which was 10 miles away because he dropped someone else off at a hotel on Long Island, keep in mind all I had eaten was coffee and a mint for the past 30 hours, hadn’t slept and it was past midnight. We finally arrive at LaGuardia airport, we see the city in the distance and take a few pictures. THERE’S NO FOOD, everyone is sleeping on the floor and we can’t check in until a particular hour. At this point, we wait on the floor and decided not to sleep, but seriously there wasn’t even one vending machine, I was dying.

We finally go through security and head inside to our gate, after about an hour a cafe opens and we run to the line. Everything is expensive but that’s okay, I could’ve eaten a freaking potato chip on the floor at this point if I had found one. We don’t leave NYC until 7 AM and head to Washington DC where we arrived early and we literally could not believe how fast that trip was. I am here, greeted by family, finally eat something and sleep on the car ride. I felt better but honestly although sometimes a cheaper option or more exciting to have a layover somewhere, I will probably not ever do a trip with connecting flights in my life again. So think twice before you see all those flight options.

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