Staying at Disney’s Coronado Springs in 2021

Staying at Disney’s Coronado Springs in 2021

Before we begin… in no way am I sponsored or anything, these are my views and not those of the brand/company being addressed. This is my personal experience and it varies with each guest staying at the resort, especially in timeline.

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An entrance view of Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

Planning a vacation is hard work but planning where to stay is one of the biggest decisions when you travel. Sometimes you may book a 5 star hotel because you think it’ll be at more convenience and at a better price or even just a 3 star hotel will do since you’ll only be sleeping and not staying long at your hotel. Sometimes you get a really bad experience even though that hotel you decided to stay at was a 5 star hotel with impeccable reviews. Well I’m here to tell you I’ve tried it, had bad experiences and good ones, but after staying on Disney Property… I’m just never going back out there! I’m staying at a Disney resort from now on!! Full disclosure: Before this year we had never stayed on Disney property. But BOY OH BOY AM I GLAD we got to finally experience it. 

I’m here to tell you if it costs you $20 more to stay on Disney property…just do it. You will NOT regret it! There’s something about staying where the magic is around that really brings a whole new viewpoint to having a vacation at Walt Disney World. 

This could go on and on about how I just had the most amazing experience but without further a do I give you my review from transportation to food and the aesthetic of it all.

Quick Tip: Use the My Disney Experience App for a quick and relaxing trip. Really helps out with where to go, hours, Ride wait times, and basically anything & everything!

Arrival and First Impressions

A parking lot view of the Grand Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

For it being our first time staying at a Disney Resort it was fairly simple finding Disney Coronado Springs with google maps. We arrived at our destination a tad bit early (even though check in is at 3:00 PM) but we didn’t mind, since we wanted to explore the resort and all it has to offer. We thought we’d still give it a go and “check in” to see if it were possible to have a room available then or just to get the situation over with. To our magical surprise… Our room was ready! A little tip if you plan on going during the pandemic: You can skip the in person check-in and go straight to the room by checking in with the My Disney Experience App!

When you walk in, you are immediately greeted by the friendly cast members and some hand sanitizer stations. No need to touch door handles as they open automatically. The decor of the lobby when you walk in is simply breathtaking, teal and orange surrounding as the color scheme and the music was so calming and yet made you feel like dancing with a margarita in hand. I immediately took photos walking in with the beautiful lantern walls in the entrance and the proceeded in awe to view what else Disney’s Coronado Springs had to offer. 

Disney’s Coronado Springs had recently been renovated and with this came a modern reimagined design to the unique blend of Spanish, Mexican and Southwest American culture design it had. When entering the Grand Destino Tower, you will view the spectacular Spanish tiles and wonderful patterns surrounding the lobby and rest areas that are welcoming both day and night. when walking down the stairs you will see a familiar face on the mural they have on the wall, a pretty Walt Disney art piece featuring Mickey Mouse surrounded by vibrant colors. Here you will also find Barcelona Lounge, relax, take a seat and enjoy the ambiance. Seats were spaced out and placed six feet apart, signs were used in place everywhere.

Rooms at Coronado Springs

A mirror selfie from our room at Disney’s Coronado Springs. Completely planned my outfit to match Disney – H2O products. *wink, wink*

I have so many positives to say about the rooms at Disney’s Coronado Springs, a Moderate resort, huge and with a convention center seemed fitting as to why the rooms felt to amazing.

When we arrived to our room the Disney Magic already began. The television screen read “Welcome Pena Family” and beside my bed lay a few towels in the form of a mickey shape.

Quick Tip: Pick your magic band ahead of time before your trip so you can easily unlock the magic of your stay!

Storage: The rooms felt like they had so much space, elevated beds for luggage storage, which I took full advantage of, a long desk area, a sofa chair and a closet to hang your clothing. There were also side tables with drawers, a safe and some cabinets in the restroom area to store your items.

Decor: The stylization of the room fit that of the hotel, Three Caballeros Portraits hanging around the room with a matching blue chair, brown tones and to compliment it all, white bedding. It was a very simple and elegant style with a little touch of magic.

Sanitation: Our room had underwent sanitation before arriving as all rooms do for safety measures from the Pandemic. We found the television remote wrapped and placed in a plastic bag with a sticker sealing it that read “Sanitized”. We received a few Disney goodies from H2O such as a bar of soap, lotion, shower cap and essentials. Adding onto this, in the shower where the complimentary Disney H2O Shampoo, Body Wash and Conditioner are they had also sanitized and placed a bag over the pumps similar to the television remote with a “Sanitized” sticker.

Housekeeping was modified after your room being thoroughly cleaned before your arrival. They took out the trash and supplied more towels, Disney H2O products and trash bags if we needed them but beds were not made.

Amenities: We were saddened to learn there was no room service amongst other usual amenities. Although we did not use it, the laundry and dry cleaning services were still available. Mailing as well as the business center and Wifi were available. Disney Buses and Disney’s Magical Express were still operating as well but Disney Minnie Vans were not. 

Overall, we can not recommend the rooms at Coronado Springs enough!

Checking in to our room, love the Three Caballeros decorations! A hint of Disney Magic!

Quick Tip: Take pictures upon arrival at your room for social media and the family album!

Restaurants & Shopping

There were many food and drink options at Disney’s Coronado Springs, being that it is a huge resort with a convention. To our surprise, most of them if not all were open! Keep scrolling to catch a glimpse of everything we found!

A list of all the modified hours for each available restaurant and bar.

We explored the resort a bit to get an idea of what they had to offer and coming back from the parks really made us hungry. To start off, at our arrival a cast member directed us to a sign at the entrance which had all the modified hours of operation for each restaurant and lounge. The availability for each was also available on the my Disney experience app. Room Service was not available but dine in and to go was.

Quick Tip: Check out the decorations in the lobby and find all the hidden mickeys. Theres a big one being created by lights if you look up at the seating area near the lobby. Look up and look down to find them in the most magical places!

Early Magical day, we celebrated my birthday first thing with some French toast and orange juice at El Mercado de Coronado.

The next morning before heading to Hollywood Studios we had breakfast at “El Mercado.” Very simple to find (I think their biggest food area) and they offered breakfast and lunch while we were there. Going through the line you pick what you would like from the shelves and refrigerators, ranging from fruit, juice, cereal and milk. As you make your way, there are several warm entree options such as French toast and scrambled eggs with potato. Once you get to the end of the line you can add coffee to your order if you would like, with several options available. There was no meal option when we went, everything was individually offered and as stated from the website there were no meal plans available.

Quick Tip: You can pay for food with Disney Gift cards or Disney Rewards (Chase DRVC) and never be afraid to ask about discounts if you are a vacation club member, annual pass holder, DRVC card member or cast member!

Heading to grab a bite you have several easy options throughout the day, most located in the same direction. We walked through a long hall to head to El Mercado de Coronado but an option to go from the outside is also available. Outdoor seating areas are provided as well as physically distanced areas inside. Across from El Mercado you’ll spot Rix Sports Bar & Grill, we went for a late night snack the next day and the food looked delicious! If you’re looking for a fun entertainment place to eat for adults I would definitely suggest this one, there were so many Tv’s and again, the food smells amazing. If you walk to theft of El Mercado you’ll find the convention center! (I believe they were filming or there was some photographers while we were there – we didn’t have time to completely explore the whole area.) Down the hallway you will be able to find Other quick service and restaurants but were unfortunately not available at the time we went. Hoping we can head back and try them out though!

Heading to Breakfast at El Mercado de Coronado!

There are two (three?) other options available for grabbing a drink or a snack at Disney’s Coronado Springs. If you head to the very last floor of the Gran Destino Tower (amazing elevators available, might I add) you’ll find Dahlia Lounge! Such a beautiful place, the lighting and the view was spectacular! We headed out to the viewing area and saw Galaxy’s Edge luminous in blue in the distance as well as EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth! Truly an experience, and we would have stayed for a drink to enjoy but headed back because we felt there were too many people – even if physically distanced. SO instead we headed to explore what the outdoors had to offer (it was movie night by the way) and we fell in love with Villa Del Lago. An on-the-water dining experience!

One more option but mostly for drinks, Siesta Cantina, located next to the pool was available till 9 PM if I am not mistaken. We actually headed here first before heading to Rix sports Bar & Grill but because we wanted a dining experience that night we didn’t stay.

✰ Shopping ✰

Late Night exploring and we found the gift shop! Panchito’s!

Although we did a lot of shopping at Disney Springs and Disney Parks, I still wish we could have had time to shop at Panchito’s gifts and sundries. Also located by the restaurants to the side of The Gran Destino Tower. 

Outside of the shop was a vitrine with the new 2021 Walt Disney World Merchandise, I think they update it with new merchandise available through the year? I loved the idea though and only wish they had more vitrines throughout the area with merchandise of the hotel showcased. 

Across you’ll also be able to see the water fountain from my picture, a perfect photo location! We found pennies at the bottom of the water, hoping all those wishes came true, theres something magical about seeing money in fountains! Not entirely sure if this is allowed however so we didn’t make a wish in this fountain but if we had it would be to come back again for another family vacation.

Quick Tip: Explore the resort inside and out at different times of day! You never know what you may see!

Amenities Continued

As mentioned before, not everything was available or some places and activities were modified. Pools were available, including Disney Coronado Springs Resort’s ” The Dig Site.” You’ll be able to find a children’s pool, spa, ball court, explorer’s playground, Jaguar slide, and the ruins. One thing while we were there that was not available was the Iguana Arcade.

Coronado Springs – Conclusions

We loved staying at Coronado Springs, its central location and affordable price were reasons enough to come back. The renovated rooms, great amount of space, variety of on property food options and the overall ambiance played a key part as well. I personally love a great walk with views and liked staying at a big resort where I could stroll around, ride a bike, run and have time to explore several places inside and out.

As for Disney theming, I think other resorts may have more popular characters that would be great for the kiddos but Coronado Springs has a touch of magic everywhere you look too. It may seem as more of an experienced traveller resort but there were so many surprising options available to have fun for the whole family. 

The subtle Three Caballeros decorations were my favorite as I am a fan, they could be found everywhere but did not take over the resort. Hidden Mickey’s could be found around as well as a wonderful mural of Walter Disney himself. Its a great way to enjoy the magic without being overcome by it through your vacation. I’d recommend Coronado Springs even if you were not to go to the parks.

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Disclosure: As travel reopens it is suggested that you talk to your doctor, follow health officials’ guidelines and research local/ state restrictions before booking your next trip. Please refer to the official Walt Disney World website for up to date information on health and safety requirements. Any and all opinions are my own, no compensation was received for this post. However please note that some of the links in this post may be or are affiliated links. Meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase using my link.

For more up to date information please visit “Know Before you Go” and the official Walt Disney World Resort website.

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